Necessity is the mother of invention. Our space was invented by highly
skilled professionals across 5 companies because THE SHOW MUST GO
ON! The sanctuary is an alliance of industry leaders with top of the line
staging, sound, audio, media, visuals, promotion, and specific skillsets
carefully combined to create a one of a kind space. We created the
Social Sanctuary to give artists, music lovers, and event curators an
outlet to continue doing what we all love. Our space is able to safely
host any type of event on any scale while complying with CDC
guidelines. We support everything from comedy shows and country
artists to massive EDM DJs and corporate events, While putting safety
and quality first, we are committed to rebuilding the industry one show
at a time.


Gallagher logo-1.png

Gallagher Staging provides the foundation for premier events across the nation, creating a safe and reliable experience.


Redhouse productions is a multimedia production company from Los Angeles that places itself at the intersection of music, experience, and technology.

Started by a lighting designer with a passion for flashing lights. WCSS provides custom lighting services for entertainment design and live events.


Started by an audio technician, turned video technician, turned technical director, turned event production master mind. Surface Productions provides live event support all over the state.

Anaconda Street Productions is an Emmy Award winning production company specializing in film, television, and digital production and post-production services. 

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